Dorico 3.5.10 activated & works-Dorico 4 activated -cannot enter note

I have Dorico 3.5.10 activated and working. I write music.
However since I upgraded to Dorico 4
the program sometimes stops working ( cannot enter Notes).
I have upgraded the licence for Dorico 4 and in the activation manager is shown as activated.
Is this is bug?
Anyone any ideas what the problem is.
Stan McKee

Make sure you don’t have them open at the same time, 3.5 and 4


I have not opened them at the same time. D3 works -Dorico not !
Attached are the Log files

Hi @Stamak , have you forgotten to attach the logs…?

I‘ll send them soon.
Strange behavior !! This is has only happened after !! I upgraded my activation for D4. In the activation
Manager D4 is shown as activated.
In D4 created new file and then inputting notes works again.
Can the file where I cannot enter notes become

Presumably the requested log files would show that.

Here is the latest application log.
I have upgraded , but somehow it does not work.
When I start D4 this appears on the ‘’ I should activate Dorico 4’’.
Which Browser should open the Activation Manager to activate ?
Firefox does not seem to work with Safari also
Dorico still not working.
Where are the exact instructions (Link)to complete the upgrade to D4???

Here is the Activation Manager , which appears on my screeen.

Please do Help > Create Diagnostic Report in Dorico, which will create a zip file called Dorico on your Desktop, and attach that to a reply here.

Here is the Dorico
Strange behaviour !!
When I open a File and do not activevate playback I cannot enter any music.
When I activate playback Ican enter music.
This should not happen ???
Dorico (1.1 MB)

Many Thanks for your help in advance.

When playback is not activated for a project, MIDI input is disabled. If you want to use your MIDI keyboard for note input, please be sure to have playback activated.

OK !
Midi Input is course faster, but loading lots of VSL samples tends to slow down
the computer in larger scores.
Will it be possible at a later date to add music with a midi keyboard
as in (Sibelius) without loading playback?
I can use the mouse without playback activated ?
What about when silence is activated? again only with the mouse?

Thanks for the prompt reply.

With the Silence playback template applied but the project activated for playback, you can still use your MIDI keyboard for input.

Thanks !

Would turning off the MIDI Thru option provide the same benefit?

Hello Derrek,

Yes ! Turning off Midi Thru has the same effect as the Silence playback template.
I can input notes without any sounds.
Thanks for the Tip !