Dorico 3.5.10 so much more comfortable

I just want to say how much more comfortable the way is, that the play mode opens when you select a note in the write mode, namely that it opens on the selected note. So much easier, quicker! And also the new timing possibilities. I feel myself privileged, that I can work with such great software. And with every update it becomes so much better. Congratulations and thanks to the Dorico team!

Thanks very much for taking the time to share your positive feedback, mmka.

Agreed, so many of the little things in this update hit the mark for me, (bad pun for one of them :slight_smile: ) New menu item for accessing PT’s in play mode , and Playback options per Expression Map especially. Cleaning up old endpoint configs…,

The Dorico Team itself is at the heart of the project’s value. You set an example for dev teams, customer service, and subject matter expertise.


+2 on the correct channel and note in play mode opening when selected in Write. This seemingly simple thing will save many of us a lot of time!

Great for adding the “keep accidental propriety” in condensed layout!

Ease of use is improving with each version, and this is not because they are removing features! Small details like the ones in this .10 are really improving the experience.


This felt like a ‘big’ update to me too. It really is such a nice app.