Dorico 3.5.11 Messed up My Projects

Hi All,

Went to download update 3.5.10 today (Mon. 8/24/20) but instead found 3.5.11. Gave it a shot. Downloaded the complete update. Ran to completion. Updated e-license manager to latest.

Open up my projects in Dorico and the time signature is replaced by up arrows, and the notes appear as empty stems And a lot of the icons/symbols on the right are missing.

Will try a reinstall, but in the meantime…

Anybody else seeing this?

Danny V.

This sounds like a font problem. Try rebooting your computer.

AFAIK the only difference between 3.5.10 and 3.5.11 is to fix a problem starting up the e-licenser. There are no changes to Dorico itself.

Thanks for the prompt response. I did the uninstall/reinstall but got the same results. So as per Rob’s suggestion I did a restart (WIN10/1909), and all is well.

Thanks again!

What is the significance of the .11 (as opposed to .10) in the version designation?

3.5.10 caused problems (with the eLicenser) for some Windows users. 3.5.11 was put out specifically for Windows users to fix that problem.

Thank you.

Hmmm. I just went to and only 3.5.10 was on offer.


That page is the one for Dorico 3, not Dorico 3.5; the correct page is here.

You are correct, Daniel, and I didnt notice. But actually, I arrived at that page by clicking on Downloads in the Steinberg Hub (v.3.5.10) that appears when I start Dorico.


Yes, we know that button points at the wrong page. Sorry for any confusion and inconvenience called.

x.10, x.20 and so on are regular maintenance updates that are fully tested, whereas x.11, x.12 and the like are hot fixes, i.e. they address urgent issues, but may not go through the full beta testing cycle.