[Dorico 3.5.12] zh-CN Localization issue again

The word “system” in Dorico does not always mean “operating system” but is also a typography term. These two meanings must be translated differently in Chinese translation.

Previously, I sent complaint about “system break” and I did see the fix in Dorico 3.5.12 update. However, the translations of the word “sytem” itself in different contexts weren’t fixed. See at least those red rectangles in the screenshot.

The yellow rectangle indicates another translation errror, requiring attention from the zh-CN localization team.

P.S.: Dorico 4 is coming and this issue today freaked my heck out (because I am afraid that it is likely not fixed in Dorico 4). These wrong translations already brought me a lot of communication difficulties everytime people with no English ability ask me questions of Dorico operation procedures. In most time I simply use English version of Dorico since such translation errors always make me feel terrible. However, I can still see these terrible translation mistakes through MS Teams showing their Dorico GUI.

If you would please be so kind as to write out the problematic translations in Chinese, that would be very helpful as it will make it easier for me to find them and pass them on to our Chinese-language translator.

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Okay, thanks. Since this discourse board supports UTF8mb4, I put it in this post:

英文原文「System」并非代指 Windows / macOS 这样的作业系统,在英文的音乐排版术语当中还代指谱行(一个谱行可能由多个谱表「Staff / Stave」组成)。之前我曾经提报过「System Break」的翻译问题,且已经被你们修正成「谱行插断」。然而这次「System」这个词在用作「谱行」的翻译时并未被纠正(详见该讨论串一楼的撷图当中的红框)。请彻查整个 Dorico 翻译当中所有用到「System」这个词的地方、以确认其在每当表示「谱行」这个意思的时候是否有被正确翻译过。

另外,该讨论串一楼的撷图当中的黄框代指了另外一处需要改进翻译的地方。「Ossia」字面意思虽然是「或奏(或者演奏)」,但对新手非常不友好。或许可以用「诠释记谱」比较合适。至于「Ossia Staff / Ossia Stave」则是「诠释谱表」。

Dorico 在国内的用户群越发壮大。然而其中能够使用英文的人数了了无几。中文版的翻译品质一旦出了问题,会使得 Dorico 对简体中文用户的教学工作变得异常困难(会妨碍他们在脑内构筑 Dorico 专用的术语逻辑体系)、严重阻碍 Dorico 在中国大陆的行销推广。请务必认真对待。 (We can see that the population of Dorico users in Mainland China is increasing at this moment. However, I’m afraid that less than 0.5% of them can use English well. It is important to ensure the quality of the Chinese localization of Dorico. Problematic translations can lead to extreme difficulties of teaching these users how to use Dorico well (because they have to built up their Dorico terminological network in their minds), hindering us from promoting Dorico in this market. Please be serious about this.)

When “system” is used as a typographical term (not “operating system”), it shouldn’t be translated as “系统” anymore. The correct translation in this case is “谱行”.

When “system” is used as “operating system”, the correct translation is “系统”.

Cases like this must be manually checked together with its context.

A suggested translation of “Ossia” is “诠释记谱”. “Ossia Staff / Ossia Stave” → “诠释谱表”.

(I edited my previous replies to explain things clearer.)

Thanks, Shiki. I will pass this along to our Chinese translator.

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