Dorico 3.5 academic resale?


For the past few years I have bought and upgraded two copies of Dorico (academic license), one for my desktop and one for my laptop, in order to avoid having to transfer the eLicenser key back and forth and risk losing it somewhere, or damaging it.

Once I upgrade to Dorico 4, I will no longer need this extra license for 3.5, given the new licensing scheme. It would be nice if there was the ability to resell this second license to another person who also qualified for academic pricing. Is there any possibility of this being allowed if I was able to submit proof of the other user’s eligibility for academic pricing?


This is a bit of a grey area: since there are no further checks of your academic status after your initial purchase, and there is no difference between an academic and a professional license in terms of updating to future versions, there’s no practical way to enforce that the new license holder qualifies for the academic price. You would need to transfer the license to a USB-eLicenser in order to resell it.

Hi Daniel,

Thanks. It actually looks like one of the Dorico crossgrades I got (the very first one) I just got the full crossgrade instead of the academic, so that is the full version.

Transferring the license to a USB-eLicenser might limit who would be interested in it. I wonder if it might make more sense for me to buy another Dorico 4 upgrade for my other copy and then resell that with the new licensing - how do license transfers (resales) work for the new Steinberg Licensing system? Or is it even possible anymore?

We don’t have any capabilities in place as yet to handle resale of Steinberg Licensing licenses, though it is planned. So if you want to do it now, you’ll need to use the USB-eLicenser method.