Dorico 3.5 Activation Code


I am trying to install Dorico SE 3.5 on my Mac running High Sierra 10.13.6, however it is asking for an activation code. Could you please advise how I can activate the product?


Hi Jason,

welcome to the forum. This video provides all information that probably help you activating Dorico SE on your computer:

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Thanks for your speedy reply.

Unfortunately I do not have an email with an activation code, I think this is due to me downloading an installer for an older version of Dorico SE. My computer doesn’t support the latest version.

Is it possible for me to request an activation code for Dorico SE 3.5?

Usually, licenses for newer releases also allow you to use older versions of Steinberg products. I guess that’s also true for the free Dorico SE. So, I suggest to just request a key for the latest version and try to run the older release with it afterwards.

Thanks Martin.

I’ve tried to request a key for Dorico SE 5 by downloading the installer, however the email I received didn’t contain a key, nor does it specify a key in my account even though I can see the license there. I think this may be due to Dorico 5 using “Steinberg Licensing”, whereas Dorico 3.5 uses “eLicenser”, so I assume the two different systems are not compatible, and function completely differently?

I have also installed the Steinberg Download Assistant, signed in, and re-downloaded Dorico SE 3.5, but I am still not given a license key, nor is there one showing in my account under “eLicenser-based products”.

Ah, yes. That’s true. You probably just need to activate the requested Dorico SE 5 license using the Activation Manager. eLicenser-based licenses are not compatible with the new licensing system and since the old system will be disabled in 2025, Steinberg presumably no longer provides licenses for it. So I fear you’re out of luck here.
Dorico 4 was the first version using new licensing system but it doesn’t support High Sierra.