Dorico 3.5 and Kontakt Aux Outs in mixer

Is it currently possible to insert effects such as reverb (like Reverence) in the Dorico 3.5 Mixer in respect of Kontakt Aux Outs?


Can you describe in more detail what is it you want to be able to do? If you set every instrument in Kontakt to be routed to a separate output then those will appear as separate channels in Dorico and you can use inserts on each channel, and send signal to the reverb bus.

Thanks Paul

I appreciate that each instrument in Kontakt can be routed to a separate output and that one can use insets on each channel.

My question concerns being able to group instruments together and send them to Kontakt Aux outputs and whether Inserts are available in respect of the Kontakt Aux channels in the Dorico mixer.

For example:

Violin 1 - Kt St 1 send in Kontakt to Aux 1 channel
Violin 2 - Kt St 2 send in Kontakt also to Aux 1channel
Viola - Kt St 3 send in Kontakt to Aux 2 channel
Cello - Kt St4 send in Kontakt also to Aux 2 channel

In Dorico Mixer in Kt Aux 1 insert, (for example), a Reverence Convolution Reverb and in Kt Aux 2 insert a different reverb such as Kontakt Raum reverb.

I think if the Kontakt Aux channels are enabled as outputs within Kontakt then they should appear in the Dorico mixer and you will be able to add inserts to them.