Dorico 3.5 and Note performer 3.3.2


I know there have been several topics about this subject, and believe me, I tried them all. I am a software developer by profession so not unused to tinkering / troubleshooting. (When making music, however, I am in a different mood and did unfortunately not have a backup with my latest configuration too safely revert back too :wink:)

All of the folowing concerns the Dorico pro editions, btw.

The new features in 3.5 looked tempting and I decided to buy the update.
I installed 3.5 first alongside 3.0, the installer was not doing an update but installed a new extra Dorico.

I opened some projects that I made in 3.0 and playback via noteperformer was not working.
I then googled, came along several topics and have tried the following:

  1. Removing noteperformer
  2. Freshly installing Dorico 3.5, after removal of 3.0
  3. Reinstalling noteperformer
  4. Tinkering with the vst plugins menu, blacklist and whitelist, several restarts
  5. Tinkering with xml blacklists, running VstAudioEngine.exe after changes as suggested by some topics on this forum

and lastly

  1. changing the path where noteperformer is installed manually (the Noteperfomer64.dll) as suggested by, the last post in that topic.

Now everything seems more broken, Dorico 3.5 is not starting again, the audio engine crashed.
See this screenshot.

I assume that removing the noteperformer64.dll file from the path suggested will make Dorico 3.5 start up again, but then I am were I started, without noteperformer working.

Some additional information:

Tried this with
NP 3.0.x (an installation from 2019)
NP 3.1.x (the latest version of yesterday)
NP 3.1.2 (the update that was released today) EDIT: 3.3.2, the latest, corrected typo.

I have some additional VSTS, besides the Halion steinberg, namely:
VSL Synchron player
VSL Synchron surround player

Before the situation that stops Dorico 3.5 from crashing the other VSTs worked.

I am at my wits end.

first step is to update NP. to 3.3.2 which is today’s version. Puzzled by your reference to 3.1.2? If that was a typo, there does now seem to be a potential fix which Ulf has made available by PM to users with such problems — I expect he will see and respond to the thread soon and confirm the best way forward based on the latest testing results.

I am sorry, @dko22, I meant the very latest, so indeed 3.3.2 have corrected in the title. Will be awaiting Ulf’s help kindly! Thanks.

the thread is here

Hi Basdek, please create a diagnostics report (Help > Create Diagnostics Report) and send to ‘u dot stoermer at steinberg dot de’. Thanks.
More instructions will follow then.

I have emailed you Ulf!

Hello all,

I have another problem after installing the new 3.3.2 version.
Noteperformer is not listed any more in the VST instrument list in play mode.

I’ve tried to delele noteperformer folders in appdata subfolders, and reinstall it. Same problem.

Any idea ?

FlorentG, could you please also do Help > Create Diagnostic Report and send the resulting zip file to Ulf at u dot stoermer at steinberg dot de, together with details of the problem you’re experiencing (i.e. that NotePerformer is now apparently being blacklisted on your system)? Assuming you are experiencing the same problem as some other Windows users, he should be able to send you an updated component that will fix the problem.

He did already, but did not mention it. In the meantime he is up and running again :slight_smile:

Ah, thanks, Ulf :slight_smile:

As am I, thanks Ulf for the patches, now everything works again!

Do I need to disturb Ulf or is there a download link for this patch available?

Don’t hesitate, but first please create a diagnostics report and send me. I want to first check if it is really that issue. Could be also something else…

After reading this topic, I held my breath as I tried out the updated Note performer with a number of Dorico files. FWIW, they worked fine on my system.

Yes I confirm it works with the patches.

Thanks Ulf and Daniel.

Can you folks tell me - can Note Performer be used with other sample libraries, or only the built in ones? Is it purely for playback, or can you save the MIDI CC expression it presumably creates internally? It would be interesting to use Note Performer to create a ‘roughed in’ CC performance, which could be taken over to another library for refinement, since I presume NP doesn’t support other libraries natively.

Dear RedtideMusic
You CAN use Noteperformer along with other libraries, and even automate the process, thanks to the new Playback template features. I do it all the time : keyboards and harps played by Pianoteq 6, the other stuff by Noteperformer. But you cannot access (at least, to my knowledge) any of the magic NotePerformer uses to build its musical phrases.

Thanks Marc! Their documentation is a little skimpy, or at least I wasn’t able to find anything. Just double checking, my use case is that I need to output final stems for orchestral game music, so at some point I need to get MIDI into a DAW - so just making sure, there’s no such thing? Does it have any mixing capabilities?

Or let me try it this way, can you set up MIDI endpoints in NP like you can in Dorico? If you can then I’m set, I can ‘print’ the MIDI to a Logic backend (e.g. Dorico->Note Performer->Logic, oh my …)

Edit: Well I downloaded the trial at any rate, not obvious how to set up a different library … In the included PDF documentation (rough copy of the website it appears), the only reference to playback template is on the Dorico side. Do you mean you can get this to work somehow through Dorico playback templates, or Note Performer has playback templates?

OH - scratch that. We’re talking about different things - you are talking about other libraries along side Note Performer. I need Note Performer to be using another library, which doesn’t appear to be supported. NP seems to phrase nicely but it was too thin compared to BBCSO, even for playback.

Yeah it’s not going to be available soon I bet. My day job is in deep learning, which they’re surely doing here. Problem is the training has to be done on a particular library. So they could, for example, run their training on the BBCSO Spitfire library, and if you have license for it and it is installed, they could support it and output CC’s that are appropriate for that library. But yeah they’d have to train on a bunch of different libraries, which isn’t a big deal really and might be in their plans.


I’m new in Dorico and just started using Note performer 3.3.2. with it.

When I apply playing techniques like sul ponticello, slap tongue, air in the score, the play back doesn’t react to this. The sound is unchanged from a “normal” note. Anyone got an idea about what the problem could be? Anything I’ve forgotten to do?

All thoughts on this appreciated!

You should check the NotePerformer documentation for which playing techniques are supported; I’m not sure that things like air and slap tongue are supported for wind instruments.