Dorico 3.5 announced

It looks like Steinberg posted the Dorico 3.5 “what’s new” video on YouTube, announcing the following features:

  • pitch before duration input
  • smarter, richer expression maps
  • comprehensive figured bass
  • condensing for divisi & section players
  • parts in different transpositions
  • sophisticated line editors
  • filter & search properties & options
  • hide or show any staff at any break
  • more beautiful slurs & beams
  • new guitar techniques

Further videos are now appearing in the YouTube channel but as of right now I can’t see anything about 3.5 on the Steinberg web site.

There’s a pinned thread at the top of the forum. Maybe start there…

I started to write this post before the pinned thread appeared - and the pinned thread is locked so no discussion is possible within it.

Useful safety tip: look for the “Dorico 3.5” red button in the top of the shop page, otherwise it’ll just try to sell you Dorico 3 again.

And when you make your purchase, the download button just downloads the Steinberg Download Assistant, which you may already have.

Thank you team!!

Also, better control over properties in separate layouts!

I have updated from Dorico 3.1 to 3.5… Is it necessary to update Dorico Sound Installer too? Or is it the same than in 3.1 version?

You don’t need to install the sounds if you’re coming from Dorico 3, as the new Indian drum sounds are included in the Dorico application installer. However, if you’re updating from Dorico 2 or Dorico 1, you should install the sounds with Dorico 3.5.


The lines editor is a killer.

Now just add the possibility to remove staves within systems (or something similar that could be used for cut out scores) and you have yourself a program that will make not only easy things easy, but also hard things beautiful and quickly achievable.

I cannot wait for this, until then, you’ll find me in the lines editor…!

More than simply impressed by this update. Only a .5 version?!? The amount of new, unseen features is incredible!

Congratulation for this new release, and thank you very much for the powerful tools you gave us!


The team can still surprise. Kudos!

do I need to uninstall a running version of Dorico Elements 3 or does the installer of 3.5 automatically uninstall the old 3.0 version of the app?

Dorico 3.5 can coexist with Dorico 3, so you can keep Elements 3 installed if you wish, or you can uninstall it after you’ve installed 3.5. Although we wouldn’t expect there to be any problems in 3.5 that would cause you to need to go back to working in 3.1, you might want to keep 3.1 installed for a few days until you’re sure everything is working well for you in 3.5.

Thank you Daniel! And to uninstall Dorico Elements 3 on Mac I can simply put the application in the trash?

However I wonder, why is there no uninstaller like on the windows version?

Mac software doesn’t generally need uninstallers. You can indeed uninstall Dorico 3 simply by dragging its application package to the trash. This doesn’t remove sample library content etc. but unless you’re actually trying to rid yourself of Dorico altogether, that’s not a problem.

Alright, thanks a lot! If I want to start over completely, what files do I then have to delete. I found some instructions as well on the Steinberg forum and website regarding older versions of Dorico, but they differ and I find that some folders/files are not deleted that were installed with Dorico, e.g. the SMuFL or the elicener. I know this might be not the right subform, but since you have already answered my previous question here, it would be nice to help me with this matter as well. Anyway, from what I have seen on YouTube regarding 3.5 - great work and thank you to you and the whole Dorico Team!

If you do need to remove everything, I’d have to look up all the various locations where sounds etc. get installed, but unless you’re actually trying to remove Dorico altogether, there’s really no need to worry about it.

I’m considering buying Dorico 3.5. Did the problems with fermata playback been resolved in 3.5?