Dorico 3.5 Audio Engine died

Dorico 3.5 Audio Engine Died. Cannot open Dorico at all

Restart your computer and try again. If it happens again then you’ll need to describe in detail what the circumstances are. It’s very likely that after an audio engine crash, Dorico is still running in the background and would need to be manually closed, otherwise it won’t be possible to open it again.

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Also, tell us a little more. E.g if you are on Mac or Win. Did you install something new? Just happened out of the blue?

Thanks Ulf. I’m using Mac and it happened suddenly.
I have forced quit Dorico, restarted computer and tried again. Still registering ‘Audio Engine Died’ so cannot open Dorico at all. I have had this problem before (and I think you solved it Ulf). I have put VSTAudioEngine into the Trash, but no change.

No put it back, it’s needed. What happens if you launch the audio engine just by itself?

I have put it back and tried to launch it but nothing seems to happen.

Do you have time for a Zoom meeting now?

Will 14:.45 CET suit you?

Yes, no problem. Send the details to ‘u dot stoermer at steinberg dot de’. Thanks

Just to be clear, which details do you mean, the VST info and/or the Dorico file?

The invitation to the Zoom meeting, I mean. I.e. meeting ID and password.

I’ll email you a link to the meeting I will initiate at 14.45

A reinstallation did the trick with Kerry.