Dorico 3.5 blocked by eLicenser Control Center--I'M ON DEADLINE!

I have to have a 24-page Dorico project to the printers by 6 pm. I have a half hour’s worth of work to do on the project (just checking references, and tweaking one of the flows)–but I am unable to launch my (very much paid for, very much activated) copy of Dorico 3.5. When I attempt to launch Dorico, I see this:


If I attempt to open eLicenser Control Center, I see this error:


Following the instructions in eLicenser Control Center, I restart the app running with Administrator permissions. Now I get this error message:


What can I do?

What I’m going to have to do–right now–is explain to the printer that Dorico has let us both down, and make alternative plans to print and bind the project by hand before 9 am Sunday morning.

I recognize that Steinberg has recognized that eLicenser is a major problem. Sorry to hear that for your dev guys–but really, really unhappy that your software problem is impacting my job.

This is a disaster.

UPDATE (Workaround): Launch Dorico 3.5 with Administrator permissions. When the Dorico process launches eLicenser, that causes eLicenser to run with Administrator permissions as well.

Is there documentation indicating that Dorico has to run with Administrator permissions on Windows? If not, it evidently should be.

Generally speaking it seems to be Windows updates that bork the permissions for the eLicenser. Maybe turn off Windows updates…

And see Windows 10: upgrade or update disables Soft-eLicenser – Steinberg Support

Yes, it’s not necessary to run Dorico itself as administrator, but after a big Windows update you may need to run eLicenser Control Center as administrator and allow it to complete its maintenance tasks to restore the correct operation of the Soft-eLicenser.

I’m sorry for the inconvenience caused. At least we can say with certainty that the days of eLicenser are now numbered.

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just updated to windows 20H2 – I couldn’t put it off for ever and am between projects. Was expecting trouble and got it but updating to the latest eLicenser version and then running it as admin and doing the maintenance sorted it. In other words, what Daniel suggests is correct plus the fact that you must update to the latest version if not already current – in fact this is also suggested in the Steinberg support help doc so that appears to be spot on.

I have to say that, other than this not unexpected little issue, I haven’t had too many issues with elicenser but won’t be unhappy to see it go.