Dorico 3.5 Chord Diagrams

Hello People at Dorico,
Compliment for this update. Very Powerful. Love it, thank you for that.
But there is a strange behaviour with Chord Diagrams. If I, using “shift Q”, insert a chord diagram typing C, I get an empty frame. (see Pic 1). If I type Cmaj7 it shows E-Minor Chords; with C7 I Get Em7b5 shapes; Am7 > C Major shapes. Ok, it seems, that Dorico offers the upper structures ( 3-5-7) of these Chords. And this is true for all kinds of chords. ??? These are not Chord shapes Jazz musician will use.
When switching to engrave mode, Chord Diagrams…, I can see all the beautiful in Dorico implemented Jazz shapes.
I tried very hard, to find out, if I miss something in the preferences. Couldn’t get it.
Thank you for helping

Pic 2 C∆ Chords.png
Pic 3 C7 Chords.png

Thanks for your post, Albert. Are you using an unusual tuning for your guitar? Have you edited the chord diagram library, intentional or otherwise? Perhaps you could attach the project you’re using to test them out, so I can take a look and see why you might be getting an empty frame.

Hi Daniel,
thank you for fast responding. When I saw the new features with chord diagrams, I decided it’s time now to switch from Sibelius. Great stuff in this Update. :slight_smile:)
Intentionally I did not change anything within Engrave Mode/Chord Diagrams. Perhaps it happened. But I deleted Dorico and installed it again. Didn’t help.
See the attached file. Perhaps you see, what I’ve done wrong.

How can I attach a Dorico file? I get a message “invalid file extension”

/Users/albus/Desktop/Dorico Test Chord Digrams.dorico

/Users/albus/Desktop/Dorico Test Chord

:slight_smile:) Got it

I’m afraid the project itself still hasn’t made it to the forum, Albert. You can always email it to me instead if that’s easier, at d dot spreadbury at steinberg dot de. Please include a link to this thread in your email so I can remember why you’re emailing me! (I get a lot of email…)