Dorico 3.5 Chord Symbol Edit CRASH!!!


I’m fairly new to Dorico (3.5) and I’ve been having loads of problems with crashes when trying to edit chord symbols. Whenever I’m in the chord symbol edit window it will crash part way thru the process. Occasionally, I can make the edit. Any thoughts?


There are a few different chord symbol editing windows. There is the Project Default Chord Symbol Appearances window, the Edit Chord Symbol Component window, and the Edit Chord Symbol Appearance window. Which one is causing the crash? What chord symbol and what edit are you trying to make?

Welcome to the forum, Greg. It would be helpful if you could please do Help > Create Diagnostic Report and attach the resulting zip file, which will be created on your desktop. This will allow us to take a look at the logs and see what’s happening.

I have been working with a user recently who has been experiencing crashes when editing e.g. the altered bass note of a chord like Eb/Bb. When he opens the second chord symbol editor, to edit the Bb altered bass note, Dorico sometimes crashes when leaving that second editing dialog. If this describes the problem you’re experiencing, the good news is that I believe we have a fix for this problem, and it will be included in the next update.

Hey Daniel, that is exactly the problem I’m having, only I get it when editing other parts of a chord symbol too, not just the root note. I’ll post a diagnostic report next time I’m in the program.