Dorico 3.5 constantly crashes or becomes unresponsive


Today, not sure Dorico is not being friendly with me at all. As soon as I open my project. I get either elicenser error or not respodning.

Screen Shot 2021-01-07 at 11.39.06 PM

Here is the Dorico (2.1 MB) crash log.

Any help would be appreciated.

Feels a bit like a bump from a couple hours ago…

Looking at the diagnostics, there are 12 crash dump files contained. 2 are from Dorico itself, 10 from it’s audio engine. Among the 10 crashes in the audio engine are 6 that are caused by the SIR.vst3 plug-in. For those crashes we can’t be blamed, so please notify the vendor of the SIR plug-in.
For the other crashes, yes, Steinberg is responsible. I can’t tell the reason right at the moment, but we’ll investigate.
But may I ask? 3 crashes of the audio engine point to the eLicenser protection software. Do you have your Dorico license on the Soft-eLicenser or USB-eLicenser? If on a USB-eLicenser, how old is it?

Thank you, Ulf, for catching the errors. I will report them to SIR. Perhaps, I should send them the crash files as well. Is there a way to unplug the SIR.vst3? Maybe rename it in the Plug-in directory and reopen Dorico. I will give it a shot.
On Cubase, I don’t get eLicenser errors as in Dorico. I am not sure how old my USB eLicensers are. I have two or three of those. The one I use is shorter than the other. I hide the serial number for privacy, I can share if it is safe.


  • My Licenses and USB ones when I click on them they show the same software on the right side.
  • However, the last one (soft-eLicenser (eSeL) ) is empty.

Renaming the plug-in does not work, only moving out of the folder.
And yes, it’s a good idea to send them the crash files along.

I’ve attached a picture with the existing USB eLicenser types. Your Dorico license is on what type?DongleTypen

On the last one. The shortest, I believe.

Thanks for confirming. Well, there are known problems with older USB eLicensers, but in this case…I don’t know. Well, take out the SIR plug-in and see if things stabilize then. If you continue to get crashes, please create another diagnostics report. Thanks

Good to know.

I renamed it to “SIR.vst3Remove” and it doesn’t show up in Dorico.

This is Day 2 that I haven’t been able to work on my Project!

Now I removed the SIR3 and replaced it with Native REVerance Reverb by Steinberg. After inserting it and closing the Reverance window, Dorico 3.5 becomes unresponsive again!

Anyone can help? This is so frustrating!

Dorico (2.2 MB)

Any one

Sorry to hear about this, honestly.
It’s unusual for REVerance to make trouble, I have never seen that before. In the diagnostics are 2 new crash dumps of the audio engine. It’s late evening here in Hamburg now, so I will take a closer look tomorrow morning.

So I resolved the crash files and it only indirectly has something to do with REVerence. Actually, that very same pattern of the callstack we have seen in the past before and we thought we have fixed that bug, but apparently not sufficiently good enough.
So the bug has something to do with the window handling and the activate messages that get sent around. I tried to reproduce here, but I can’t. Could you please tell in a little more detail what you are doing? I know, you will say it is obvious, you close the window and that’s it. But in the context of the windows handling, the small details are important. So how do you close the REVerence window exactly? By clicking on the Close button or via keyboard shortcut? Do you make a single click or double click? Does it also happen with other plug-ins that come with Dorico, e.g. the AmpSimulator? Sorry for the many questions, but it is needed.

A single click on the Close button and not via keyboard shortcut!

Well, I had whitelisted midiMonitor.vst ( a 32-bit vst2 plugin, it can be downloaded from the internet for free, I was instructed to remove it by @dspreadbury ). Cubase’ Compressor was on the last Insert slot of the output channel strip, first I removed it and then, I replaced it with Brickwall limiter.

I wish the window handling was like Cubase so that after closing the Mixer we wouldn’t need to press F3 to open the Mixer again. Obviously changing the plugin is not the last thing we want to do in a mixer (a majority of the times)

I updated SIR3.vst3 and I am using EW Space II reverb.vst ( 64-bit vst2 plugin) instead of REVerance.

My major issue, is the “Activate Insrtuments” button. I am scard of pressing it so I leave it the way it is most the time is OFF. That totally makes Dorico irresponsive.

Just now, I clicked e to open the third VST (04-Play-Solo Violin), it crashed Mojave mac and restarted it. Here is the project file ( removed all the notes).
paola in G_va2_empty.dorico (3.7 MB)

Here is the latest trash file after the crash few minutes ago! from MacOS generated after Mac restarted abruptly!

dorico Crash After click e to Play_from Mojave MacOS .zip (4.7 KB)
Dorico (2.5 MB)

  • on this file if you try to open SIR3 it pops up a smal error window. At least on my side.
    Why the audosave this time didn’t pop up after iMac restarted and I reopened Dorico?

Yet another crash a minute ago for another reason ( I switch from Play mode to Write mode with a click on the tab and not cmd/4) with a project file that I thought was fine!

Dorico (2.5 MB)

I am also attaching the project (notes removed). Not sure why all of a sudden Second violins become so faint! I kept the first bars to seepaola in G_v4_empty.dorico|attachment (3.2 MB)

I’m really sorry about all the trouble you have.
In the diagnostics are 2 new crash files of the audio engine and 1 of Dorico. About the Dorico crash I can’t say anything, but one audio engine crash was the know one around the window handling and the one thereafter was in the Play plug-in.
I don’t know why everything is so unstable with you. Could we maybe have a remote screen sharing session, so that I can get a better picture of what you are doing and what is happening. If you agree, please send mail to ‘u dot stoermer at steinberg dot de’ and we’ll sort the details.

Thank you, Ulf. I will send you an email in a few minutes.

The most recent Dorico crash log shows a crash that we have occasionally seen but as yet have been unable to reproduce. On rare occasions switching to Play mode can crash, and we’re not yet sure why, but that is a crash we have seen before and are trying to pin down a reproduction case for.

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I don’t mind installing a mouse and keyboard logger for Dorico to send my mouse and keyboard activities to you guys! Maybe that tell you guys what exactly I am doing.