Dorico 3.5 crashes on MusicXML Export


Dorico crashes whenever I try to export a project to MusicXML. This is 100% reproducible.

Are there any logs I can send? Will be happy to send the project file.



I’m sorry to hear this. Yes, please do both attach the zipped up Dorco project file and a set of diagnostic logs created by choosing Help > Create Diagnostic Report.

Attached is the project. The Diagnostics file is too large to attach, if necessary I can email it to you.


עבודת גמר עיבוד א - (766 KB)

This looks like a Dorico file and not an XML. I was able to load it into Dorico without a problem, although there are formatting issues.

The crash occurs when you export to MusicXML, not when loading the project.

Sorry, I misread your post. This happens to me, as well.

I can confirm this crash as well. My diagnostics file is not very big.
Is the Hebrew file name a problem for XML? Is it the missing barlines issue?
Dorico (732 KB)

I Just realized I attached an older version of the project here. In the new version the barline issue is fixed and the hebrew removed, but the problem persists.

Attaching the latest version (no hebrew, no barline/formatting issues) just in case. (875 KB)

Yep, still crashes.
Dorico (747 KB)
Also tried with ‘Export layouts as separate files’ and ‘Create folder for exported files’ unchecked. Also crashes.
Dorico (765 KB)

If you delete the Drum Set part it exports fine. I’m not sure what’s triggering the crash but seems to be something in that part.

Yes, i guess the problem has something to do with the slash region at bar 8. If you delete the slash region it exports fine as well.

Thanks for reporting this. We concur that the problem is related to the slash region. We haven’t yet actually fixed this bug, but I’m confident that we will be able to fix it in due course. Sorry for the inconvenience in the meantime.

I seem to have the same problem, Dorico crashes on XML export. Whenever I use a custom tonality system the xml export will cause a crash consistently, even if I just type a single note. The built in quartertone system works fine.

Sorry to hear that, johanneskeller, and welcome to the forum. Could you please attach the Dorico project that crashes when you export it to MusicXML? We’ll be glad to look into it and sort out the problem.

Thank you Daniel! I send you a minimal example of a project that crashes on xml export, involving a simple custom tonality system. I also tried it on Dorico 2 and Dorico 3, with the same result.
Dorico (651 KB) (390 KB)

Thanks for providing this example, Johannes. I can confirm the problem and we’ll be sure to fix this in a future version.