Dorico 3.5 Crashes when going to engrave mode

I’m having a problem where my Dorico 3.5 Pro trial crashes when I go to engrave mode. It mostly happens when I’m editing part layouts and switching from Write to Engrave. I’ve had about 10 crashes due to this in the last hour of working.

Any thoughts on a fix? Attached is a crash report. I’m on a 2010 iMac, 4 GB ram, running High Sierra, with a few other apps active (but unused) in the background.

Thanks (22.1 KB)

UPDATE: Dorico is now crashing every time I enter Engrave mode while in a certain layout.

Thanks for the crash report. I’m sorry you’re experiencing this crash. I will need the project in question to reproduce the problem. Can you either attach it here (after zipping it) or email it to me at d dot spreadbury at steinberg dot de along with details of how to reproduce the problem?

Thanks for the quick response. Project attached. When in the Snare Drum layout, switching from Write mode to Engrave mode often provokes the crash. After several computer restarts, closing other apps, the issue doesn’t happen as often.

I’m also have a Playback problem. When I restart Dorico and recover my autosave file after a crash, the VST instruments (Noteperformer and Aria player) don’t seem to work at all. They appear in play mode, as usual, with all of the endpoint configurations intact, but playing the piece (whether in play mode or write mode) doesn’t give any sound. Re-selecting my custom-saved endpoint configuration with the Noteperformer and Aria player setup doesn’t fix it. It seems that when recovering an autosave, the VSTs don’t really load. Any thoughts?

Thank you very much. (1.04 MB)

I’m unable to reproduce the crash. It looks as if the crash might be related to the specific selection you have at the point at which you change between Write and Engrave modes. Can you detect any kind of pattern as to what you have selected when the crash occurs?

As for the auto-save files, they do certainly always contain the audio enigne data. What seems more likely is that the audio engine is left running when Dorico crashes, and when you restart Dorico, the engine is already running but Dorico cannot connect to it. If you encounter the crash again, before you restart Dorico, go to Task Manager and forcibly quit VSTAudioEngine3.exe, then restart Dorico again.