Dorico 3.5 crashes when opening a project


I’m a long time Sibelius user and I downloaded the Dorico trial a few days ago and so far I really like the software! I will buy it most certainly. However, today I my heart stopped for a second when I wanted to open the project I’ve been working on the last month:

I’m arranging an opera with a deadline end of March, and since I downloaded Dorico I exported all pieces from Sibelius as XML files and imported them into Dorico - so far so good. I arranged them all in one project with different flows. Yesterday evening everything worked normal, but when I tried to open the project today Dorico kept crashing every time I opened the project. I tried to restart my Mac, eject all external drives - nothing worked. As a last step I tried to zip the file and unzip it again - and suddenly it worked.

So, luckily, I was able to manage the crash issue, but now I’m a little concerned that this will happen again in a different matter. And I can’t risk loosing this file because of my deadline in 2 weeks. Are you aware of this issue, has that happened before?

Best regards

Hi Leo,
welcome to the forum and sorry for the trouble.
Please choose from the main menu ‘Help > Create Diagnostics Report’ and post the corresponding zip file here. Among other data it will also contain the crash files which are most useful to us in identifying what went wrong on your machine (and hopefully fix it.)
But in general Dorico is stable and safe to use. And should a problem arise, you see, the devs are here and keen to fix or help.

thanks for the quick reply. Here is the Diagnostics Report.

In fact the software crashed several times while I was using it, mostly in this case: When I use trumpets in B flat, they are written as “Trumpet in H Be” (I have the German version of the software). When I change the player from “Trumpet in H Be” to “Trumpet in Bb” it crashed most of the time. After restarting it, the renaming worked.

Is there a way to display the the player name with a B-“flat” instead of “Bb” on the individual player layout?

Dorico (1.5 MB)

Thanks for the diagnostics, Leo. Some of these crashes are quite unusual. Are you habitually running Dorico in full screen mode? Is the crash you’re experiencing reproducible if you don’t run Dorico in full screen mode?