Dorico 3.5 crashing / stalling / insulting me!

Cubase 11 runs 15 instances of BBC SO pro flawlessly
( so let’s skip my system specs )
Dorico 3.5 crashes if I load any BBC instruments .
I’ve run the new elicenser as admin.
Dorico crashes , won’t save ptojects etc…
Apparently it’s a license issue but what else can I do ?

Terribly frustrating
I hope It’s something on my end
I paid a bunch of money for this angst and frustration
Cheers . Please help if you have ANY ideas

Tell us your system specs. Otherwise, all we can say is “well, Dorico and Cubase are two different programs”.

Windows 10
16 G Ram
AMD 8 core ( 3000 MHz)

Since I last complained
I disabled the “ exclusive control” on my sound card
( antelope discrete 4 ) and it seems to be working
Although this may be a trick!

Dorico insulted you? Do tell, what did it say? :smiley:

Yes 16 gigs is very little for VST hosting. But otherwise on Windows you do need to turn off exclusive control of the sound card to let Cubase use it. Unfortunately the audio & MIDI handling is better on the Mac (nothing having to do with Dorico).

Under the category of “ANY” ideas…

I may be one of the worst at trying to make Dorico into a DAW… I think I’ve finally conceded that its better to create MIDI instruments in Dorico that connect out to VSTs in the DAW rather than put the actual VST instruments in Dorico. It isn’t perfect - and eventually when I record the final I have to trim the start and end positions since I can’t start them both at exactly the same time - but I have to trim the end anyway as Dorico audio outputs have about 10 seconds of silence.

There’s just so much greater flexibility as far as layering and fewer odd things seem to happen. BTW I originally though this was the WORST idea as far as glitches - until I switched my Virtual Midi cable/loopback software to LoopBe30. The free one I had was worth what I paid for it I guess.