Dorico 3.5 Demo - does it require Dorico Sounds?

Hi. I’m evaluating Dorico 3.5.

I downloaded the Dorico sounds when I installed but rarely use them.

Can I just uninstall the sounds or is running Dorico dependent on that specific sound set?


You don’t need to use the included sound set. You can run Dorico just fine without sound, or use your own VSTs.

Thanks, Dan. Does Dorico look for (need) the sound set? Can I delete it and still have a functioning Dorico?

Hi reberclark,
You can use Dorico without sounds. But you won’t be able to get the click, nor (obviously) make it play for proofreading.

Sorry Marc, I need to correct this, the metronome click will work even without the sound libraries, because those sounds are built into the DoricoBeep plug-in.

But yes, you can use Dorico without the respective sound libraries installed.

Thanks Ulf, this is indeed good news, especially for those who don’t need HSSO but could use live recording! Another clever implementation (of which Dorico is full)!

Perfect! Thank you!

One more question - (I’m on Windows) where are the Dorico sounds installed (located)? Thanks.

C:\ProgramData\Steinberg\Content\HALion\VST Sound

Thank you, Ulf.

HALion is so under-rated IMO, sigh. Steinberg should have a Halion 6 special deal for Dorico users, he said self-servingly. :slight_smile:

I think they do, or just have, as part of the summer deals. I looked at it, but there’s not much more in 6 that’s useful in Dorico - very extra sounds: it’s just filters and manipulations.

I see your point for many people’s purpose in using Dorico for sure.

But I had a trial of H6 for a while, and its a whole lot more than filters if you are into sampling. I like the ability to define your own SE instruments effectively with your own macro controls, which I thought could simplify some of the interfacing we do with Dorico as you can adjust what the VST responds to as well what Dorico sends it.

Confession though that I chose Padshop over H6 for now. Partly price, but mostly that its really lush for that purpose.