Dorico 3.5 Help File / Operation Manual

I notice that the Dorico Pro 3.5 Help file doesn’t seem to have been updated. It’s labeled as Dorico Pro 3.0.10 and doesn’t appear to have any of the new features. I know there are write-ups and videos for 3.5, but I rely on the Help file for details. I hope it will be updated.


P.S. I must add that while the videos and are interesting, they go by too quickly to be of much help – more like advertising than how-to.

The 3.0.10 documentation is the latest currently available, I’m sorry for the inconvenience in the meantime. I’ll be publishing an update very shortly, but it won’t yet have 3.5 features. For now, the 3.5 Version History (available in the Steinberg Download Assistant) should provide plenty of assistance in using the latest features.

Is there a 3.5 version of the Operations Manual yet?

No, I believe the online manual is at 3.0.10 presently.

Where is the manual for Dorico 3.5 please? The pdf and the online version are not current. The are for Dorico Pro 3.1.10.

The Version History documents all the new functionality in 3.5. You can get it from the Steinberg Download Assistant or from

Lillie did say as much, further up this thread.

I see. Thank you.