Dorico 3.5: importing musicXML file ≣≣≣≣≣≣≣≣


This is the first time I import a Finale 26 musicXML file, I get very strange score like below:

When I apply the default Bravura music font to my imported score I still get missing noteheads and few other symbols… see below:

Any fix for this please? Many thanks :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray:

Are you setting the music font from Engrave > Music Fonts or from Engrave > Font Styles?

I solved it!

I tried this fix: Engrave > Notehead Sets > Default Noteheads then selected the quarter-note, half-note and the whole-note and clicked the rotated arrow (Revert to factory) on each.

Now it’s OK.

Yes… but it’s OK now, thanks Leo.

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