Dorico 3.5 is registered on the wrong E-mail address


I bought dorico in may 2020 and when I recently bought a new computer and had to reregister dorico on it I discovered that it’s registered on my school mail. Since this mail does not last forever, in fact it will cease to exist after june this year. It seems like I somehow registered it on the school-mail when I bought dorico. I bought dorico with the educational discount and somehow I must have thought that it was necessary to use the school-mail for that. But I don’t know, I don’t really remember.

Is it possible to unregister the dorico license on my school-mail and register it on my personal mail. It would mean the world to me if it is possible, otherwise I will have to buy dorico again sometime soon and that would be really sad.

Best regards/

Isak, if you log into your MySteinberg account, you will find a menu, called “Sign-In & Security”. You can change your associated email address: Sign in

Thank you so much!