[Dorico 3.5] Is there a crucial reason not to provide 24bit audio file export?

This is crucial for exporting audio stems for mixing.

I thought that Arne Wallander already talked about this crucial function to Daniel.
What is happening? Is this prioritized differently on the devs’ side?

This remains on our backlog, and it will be implemented when we have a chance to work more generally on providing further export options for audio, in due course.

Thanks for your response. You may want to also fix this issue:

Supposing that one of staves is using a VST which always articulate whenever pedal state changes, regardless of its MIDI volume settings or possibly MIDI mute settings (controlled by Dorico MIXER and Dorico stem output). The pedal sound will be written in all stem files exported for other players.

I tried NI Alicias Keys and I found this issue. This happens in Dorico 3.1, and I didn’t try it with Dorico 3.5 yet.