Dorico 3.5 killed note performer

After having upgraded to dorico 3.5. dorico can’t find note performer any more!
I’m working on a High End PC with W10. Any advice welcome…

… to be more specific: dorico displayes in the “play” window the note performer with two exclamation marks, one in the beginning and one in the end. I cannot select note performer any more from the list of available VST instruments.

Have you searched the forum? This has come up several times.

Have you tried clicking ‘Clear Audio Engine Cache’ on the VST Plug-ins page of Dorico’s Preferences dialog, and then restarted Dorico?
If that does not help, where is NP installed on your system? On the very same tab of the Preferences dialog you have to specify the path to NP, otherwise Dorico will not find it.
Furthermore, please do Help > Create Diagnostics File and post the corresponding zip file here. Thanks

this has come up so often – and indeed I had the problem myself relatively early on— that I’m wondering if there shouldn’t be a sticky or something for it? The solutions are known though exactly which one applies to an individual case or the sequence in which they are applied still varies a bit I get the impression.

Thank you for your advice! Clearing the VST Plug-In cache solved the problem. I had searched the forum already intensely with several keywords, but couldn’t find a post showing what to do exactly. I agree, the search function could show better results. As far as I remember I searched for “dorico 3.5. note performer no sound” “dorico 3.5 note performer broken” etc.
The only advice I found was to update note performer to the last version.