Dorico 3.5 License Install Question


  • Dorico Pro 2 is my currently installed version and its license is shown in the eLicenser
  • Purchased a Dorico Pro 3 license by January 18th, 2020 but I never downloaded / installed Dorico 3, nor I setup its license.
  • Just purchasd a Dorico Pro 3.5 License, after downloading and installing Dorico Pro 3.5


    When Dorico 3.5 is launched, it asks for activating a license, but of course e-Licenser complains there is no Dorico Pro 3 license,
    which is correct since I never installed / activated Dorico 3.

    Do I need to install the whole Pro 3 software and its license, or is it enough to only install the Pro 3 license before activating 3.5 ?**

You don’t need to install Dorico 3. Just run the Dorico 3 code through the eLicenser and allow it to update your Dorico 2 license, then repeat for the 3.5 license (and install Dorico 3.5).

Thanks for your reply

What do you mean by the Dorico 3 code ? the long license number, certainly not 5the non-installed Dorico 3 software code ?

The Dorico 3 activation code from the 18th January. It’s probably 32 letters and numbers, split into eight groups of four.

In fact activating the Dorico 3 license code got the license to be automatically upgraded to 3.5

eLicenser said that software vendor did something for this to happen. Great, one less step although not too painful. Thanks

3.5 now runs OK.