Dorico 3.5 Macbook Pro - Crashing

Forgive me if there is another thread in the exact same subject.

After installing Dorico Pro some weeks ago I started to experience my Mac crashing - it hasn’t happened before.
After black screens, countless attempts of restarts, I got my 'puter to start again. But when I started Dorico, it
only took a few moments before it shut the system down and then I had to go back to do the start up trials again.

Even reinstalled Mac OS.
Dorico (343 KB)

It looks as if something called Spitfire Originals Intimate Strings is causing Dorico’s audio engine to crash. Can you try updating or removing that VST instrument from your system to see if that improves stability?

I removed that VST instrument, restarted the computer and when running Dorico I had another crash.

Could you please do Help > Create Diagnostic Report and provide the new zip file that will be created on your desktop?