Dorico 3.5 manual published (EN)

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AH! I see (but I didn’t see the link :wink: )
Thanks again, and definitely worth a Topic in the Lounge!

I would do it but I don’t want to hijack your advice!

Anyway 21.1.2021 new ed.: 1581pp :roll_eyes:

@Alberto_Maria I’m going to be updating the manual pretty regularly over the next few weeks. I recommend that you take a break from your updates for now.

Obbedisco Lillie. :slight_smile:

In fact to avoid excessive posts I just updated the number of pages, before Leo’s useful posts popped as well on top of this topic.

Anyway, if only David finds this useful and you and Leo unuseful¹, I’ll stop for sure :smiley:
¹ Which, sorry, and without the tiniest polemic, I find a bit strange, considered many other context like eLC or a lot of Steinberg announcements, where this is a common practice. I imagined it was a recognition of your work as well. However I’ll undoubtedly do what I said.

On the whole, Steinberg announcements don’t come around terribly often (or at least not very often per Category). With Discourse, every time one contributes to a thread it gets bumped to the top of the “Latest” list, even if that contribution was just editing an old post.

I know I would also be glad not to see this thread bumped back up to the top merely because you have posted, Alberto, so I too would be grateful for you to celebrate the arrival of a new PDF privately, rather than here in this thread. Thanks for your consideration!

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Afternoon all,

I’ve just published a minor update to the 3.5 docs. It doesn’t include translations yet, but watch this space as they’ll be coming out very shortly indeed - could even be later this week if the ducks all line up nicely…!

Apart from updating the version number to 3.5.12 and some mostly minor typo corrections, the main motivation for this is a content shuffle - moving screenshots of buttons from separate lines to being inline immediately after the name of their button. This means images appear (in some cases a fair bit) smaller than they used to, but the disruption to the flow of text is significantly reduced, and the chances of the button picture falling over a page break in the PDF is almost entirely eliminated.

The images are scaled down rather than resized, so in the PDF you can zoom in to see the images a bit larger but still nice and clear, and on the webhelp you can click the images to have them pop-up at their full size.

(This does mean that @Philip_R’s page count pop quiz is sadly already out of date, but I hope he can forgive that for the net benefit!)

An additional bonus is that since the last update, my manuals colleagues have implemented even more improvements to the documentation, which now includes navigable headings for the index as well as the glossary. When viewing the PDF version, show the “document outline” and expand the disclosure arrow for the index to see the alphabet listed. Given the size of the Dorico index, being able to jump quickly to the start of each letter will be a really helpful improvement for many (myself included) I’m sure.

(Here’s a reminder of the links to the docs, where you’ll find both the webhelp and PDF for each product version)