Dorico 3.5 New Transposing Features

Do the new transposition features in v3.5 allow for non-traditional transpositions?

For instance, could I write for something that doesn’t exist like “clarinet in Db”? Or more practically, could I make sopranino/alto/bass recorders transpose as if they were in F, even though traditionally they’re concert instruments? What about world instruments like bansuri that come in all 12 keys?

The Clef and Transposition Overrides functionality makes it possible to create transpositions for anything you like. You don’t tell Dorico what instrument it’s for; you just tell it what pitch middle C sounds as, and then you type a part name that reflects the instrument name (or whatever you want it to reflect). If you want a Hoojimaflip in Gb, you’re very welcome to create a part that says that (and plays middle C as a Gb).

One thing to remember is, that it’s the part that is transposed, not the music or the instruments (with other instruments, this is different)

This is great! Thanks for your responses.