Dorico 3.5 not responding after being idle

I purchased Dorico 3.5 yesterday and have been testing it out and getting used to it. I am working on macOS 10.14.6.

Dorico frequently becomes unresponsive if I leave it idle for a period of time. I haven’t yet figured out how long it takes for it to become unresponsive, but it has occurred at least 10 times. When it becomes unresponsive, it does not crash, and I have to force quit Dorico. When I re-open it, one of three things has happened: 1) it hangs on the opening splash screen (usually on the dialog about Audio Engine) 2) it opens but the sound does not playback (and I have to quit and open again) 3) it opens just fine and performs normally. For that second scenario, I have noticed twice that it won’t playback when pressing play in write mode, but it I open up the Halion player and press the virtual keyboard, it does make sound.

I am thinking it has something to do with my audio settings, but I don’t know the best way to troubleshoot. Any advice? Attached is the crash report and the test file I am using. (460 KB)
Dorico (406 KB)

It sounds very much to me as if the audio engine itself is dying, though weirdly there are no audio engine crash logs in your diagnostic folder. Next time you encounter this problem, can you take a look in Activity Monitor and see if you can see VSTAudioEngine in the list of running processes?

I haven’t had this happen when Dorico is simply idle for a bit but something along these lines happens quite frequently if unpredictably when Windows is in Sleep mode. As this also happened in, say, Sibelius, I’ve always just assumed that audio engines don’t like being put to sleep so try to remember to shut Dorico at the end of a session. But half the time I don’t.

I had Dorico 3.5 off overnight. Just opened her up again and she won’t play–same as above.
This is true for any file. I scroll to the top of the tune and hit “play”–the green box stays lit, but the green cursor doesn’t budge.
Also no sound if I highlight notes.
Problem persists even after I close the program.
Will try to reboot computer now and see if that helps.

Okay, so all’s well now. Don’t know what rebooting did to fix everything.
Will keep you posted if it happens again.

If Dorico opens but there’s no sound, often unplugging my audio device and plugging it back at the hub solves the problem.