Dorico 3.5 playback is not stable...

While playback, Dorico drops sound and occasionally loops in a very small range and does not go forward.
Has anyone experienced it?

I use one of the followings:

  • Multi-Output Device
  • MOTU UltraLite mk3 hybrid
  • MacBook Pro Built-in Device
  • LG TV via HDMI
  • Dante Via
  • BlackHole 16Ch

Does it happen with any VST Instrument or just certain ones like e.g. HALion Sonic SE?
And what is your ASIO buffer size? Check under Edit > Device Setup and then push the ‘Device Control Panel’ button.
If you increase the buffer size, you still have that problem?

While making the following screenshot, Dorico 3.5 is frozen:

The VST instruments in the project file are as follows:
Screenshot 2020-05-27 17.07.20.png
I am sending the crash report:

In the diagnostics no crash dumps are contained. So what did you do, kill the Dorico process yourself and then start again to create the diagnostics report? In that case, try again to do the same thing as before and see if Dorico freezes again. If it does, don’t kill it but instead go to Activity Monitor and create a spin dump of both, the Dorico and VSTAudioEngine process. Thanks

Hm… I cannot restart Dorico without manual quitting forcefully all audio engines launched by Dorico.

Anyway, Dorico 3.5 drops sound very often when I use Safari or Edge while Dorico is playing music.

That is strange. Dorico shall never launch several audio engines, only ever one is allowed to run at any given time. Are you using D3 and D3.5 in parallel?
And is Dorico only dropping sound when you use Safari/Edge at the same time or also when it is running just alone?
And when you use Edge, that is on Win, right? And on Win you only use Dorico SE or also Pro?

After installing D3.5, D3 fails to launch.
I am on macOS Catalina 10.15.5 and I always using Edge and Safari simultaneously.
I have a Pro license.

D3 and 3.5 shall happily live next to each other, as long as you only ever run one of them at the same time.
Before you launch D3, make sure in Activity Monitor that no VSTAudioEngine process is around.
In what way does D3 fail to start? Any specific error message or a certain point where it just stops launching.

And is Dorico only dropping sound when you use Safari/Edge at the same time or also when it is running just alone?

It drops sound occasionally even if I only follow the caret in Dorico. sadly…

I am sending a new crash report. Dorico was crashed while editing pitch bending in Play mode.

And increasing the ASIO buffer size does not change this?

That is a crash in Dorico itself and has nothing to do with unstable playback, but I will ask Daniel to have a look at this one.


Unfortunately that crash is deep within Qt code and there’s nothing obvious to be gleaned from it. Please let us know if you experience a crash in that area again, especially if you can reproduce the problem at will.