Dorico 3.5 Playback with no sound


I have had Dorico for several years now and I absolutely love the software however, approx. once every 2 weeks I will open a project and the playback will have no sound. The green cursor moves and along and the midi instruments are responsive as I see the gain levels change in response. The little power symbol under the VST side bar in “Play” section often does not stay blue if I activate it and move to a say ‘Write’ mode. But, it does stay blue in the top right corner panel.

I use NotePerformer but even when I change the playback template to HaLion there is no change so I don’t think the issue lays there. My best guess is that it relates to changing the ‘device setup’ configuration as this problem sometimes occurs after a change (i.e. I will have it on my built-in speaker then change it to Zoom output for a meeting and when I change it back to built-in occasionally it doesn’t work for that project but it is fine for other projects). It will not resolve by quitting Dorico but often does if I restart my computer. I’m wondering if there is a solution that doesn’t involve me restarting my computer every time. Some other things I’ve tried:

  • Switching back and forth between Device setup configurations
  • Switching Playback templates
  • Obsessively pressing the little blue power button

I run Dorico 3.5 now but it was still happening in Dorico 3. For reference, I use the software almost daily, so once every 2 weeks is inconvenient but it is not as if it occurs every time I open a project or every time I change my device configuration.

Thanks in advance,


As you say, there can be different reasons. In the category of “a reboot fixes it” what I usually find is the audio process is hung - especially after something like Zoom has grabbed audio for a while. A way to check is…

A) shut down Dorico,
B) Check your processes - Bet you find that the audio engine is still running.
C) Kill the process and restart Dorico.

If that is the issue, then for a more trouble free fix I set my audio default/meeting software to anything other than ASIO (like the built in speakers or those of my monitor), and then set Dorico to use ASIO/my audio interface. Haven’t had a problem since.

Sometimes people don’t get sound, because they press Alt-S by accident, which puts the Metronome channel into solo and therefore muting all other instruments. Could that be also the case with you? If you don:t get sound, open the Dorico mixer window an check for the solo state of the instruments.
If it is not the case, then next time when it happens to you, simply choose from the Dorico menu ‘Help > Create Diagnostics Report’ and post the corresponding zip file here. Thanks