Dorico 3.5 Pro Anyway to get Track Versions for single Instrument like Cubase ?

Hi ,

I tried to search the Dorico manual, but came up with nothing in regards to what i am looking for.

I am writing for a WW Quintet, and I would like to try a few different ideas for the Flute player, before committing to the score and printing etc

Is there any way to have multiple “Takes” or “Sketches” for an Individual instrument, that can be easily swapped out to Audition ?

Basically what I am looking for is what Cubase calls Tracks Versions - where i can score, and listen back to different ideas for my flute part , by just switching the version, until i am satisfied.

Hope i have got my point across. As i am quite new to Dorico , the only other way i can see is re-copying the piece at a different location , and comparing, or adding multiple Flute players, muting the ones i don’t want to hear, and then deleting the ones i dont like at the end ?

Anyone have a better way ?


PJ hello,
Currently there is no something similar to Track Versions (which is available in Cubase) in Dorico. I did request for such feature, because
I need it, too, and in the future integration between both Dorico <-> Cubase/Nuendo it will be a “must to have”. You could support
my request here:
The only available way to do such “Versions” in Dorico is to create a separate Flow for every new version, which isn’t the best and most effective way, because the Flows are designed to serve more like the separate movements of a symphony, or opera, or to separate different scenes if you are scoring a movie soundtrack.
There are Ossia staves, but unfortunately Dorico is still unable to playback the notes written on Ossia, so you can’t use them as testing option if need to hear the music and make comparisons.
For the composers Track and Staff versions are necessary and I hope the team would make them available! :slight_smile:

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I too would love to see this in a future version.