Dorico 3.5 Pro Audio Engine Hang/Crash with VSL's Synchron Playback Templates

Hi there,

I have the latest version of both Dorico 3.5 and VSL Synchron, as well as the Elicenser - And I was excited to see that VSL now have official Playback templates for there libraries.

I have Synchron Pro Strings, as well as Synchronized WW and was going to get the new Brass- However, whenever I select one of the VSL pre made playback template, it will initially load the instances of the VST (Syncron player) and I will get sound for a second or two, before all the instances disappear, and Dorico will then Hang - the Only indicition I have is a little red triangle in the Bottom Red corner , which Indicates an Audio Engine Problem.

I am on Windows 10 , 64 latest Update, and Kontakt and BBC SO seem to work fine. The Strange thing is so far, if I add the “Synchron Player” as an Instrument in the Dorico Play window (From Stratch) then load up an instrument, it seems to function.

I have tried various things to try and fix it - Running at differnece Sample Rates (48 and 44.1) but I still get the same Crash whenever I try and use one of VSLs pre made templates.

As a related note to this, I see there is a Thread for Playback templates for Dorico, but sadly not for any of the sample libraries I have.

Are their any Cinematic Studio or Cinesamples, or Orchestral Tools Playback templates available, either for the community or for Purchase?

Any advice to both these problems would be most welcome. I have tried reinstalling Dorico as well as the Synchron Player.



Hi, regarding the crashes, please do Help > Create Diagnostics Report on Dorico’s main menu. The corresponding zip file attach here please.Thanks

Hmmm it says the file is too large - Its around 10mb .

I also have the DMP from the Serious Error that always happens - Dorico 3.5 AudioEngine 64bit 2021.8.9 18.19.dmp (874.8 KB)

If the file is too big to attach here, please send it to Ulf directly via u dot stoermer at steinberg dot de.

Whoops that was wrong lol
Here it is

Ah sorry DSP , just saw your post.

Cheers pj

Hi PJ, I looked at the dump and as already expected, it is Synchron Player that is crashing the audio engine. In this case there is nothing we can do. Instead please contact the guys from Vienna and send them the crash dump with a description of what you were doing. Only they may fix the problem.
Good luck

there is only one one “VSL for Dorico” playback template which loads support for all the libraries they’ve done so far. I tried this with my solo strings and had no issues (though I prefer the results from my own EM’s) so there must be something in your individual set-up or a bug when loading different/larger forces. As you can load Synchron instances manually, it doesn’t look like that the player in itself is the issue so, like you, I’m a bit puzzled. Perhaps if you post on the VSL forum, someone might have experienced something similar.

I’ve done Expression Maps for all the current Cinematic Studio libraries - i.e. solo strings, orchestral strings, brass and woodwind (and a VEPro template where the percussion are taken by Synchron SE players). I haven’t posted them yet as I’m still experimenting a little but they seem functional. If you already own this very impressive collection, you’re welcome to try them out.

Thank Ulf - Currently they are saying that they have no problem with other users and it must be the Dorico engine that is at fault !
I have not sent them the crash Dump, so hopefully they will act upon it.
Really frustrating after investing a lot of money in VSL.

I think it may be related to the issue of what Frequency the audio engine is running at - At 44.1 as opposed to 48hz I can get single VSL Synchron Instruments to work, however, the templates still crash.

Thanks for taking the time to check anyway.

Hi Dko,

I do indeed have the Cinematic Studio series libraries, and would love to try them out. My only concern is how the different legato delays would work together, perhaps you can set an offset like in Cubase.

I use them directly in Dorico, so if you are able to share with me the Cinematic Studio playback templates you already have made , that would be awesome and much appreciated.

I could also help you beta test it !


Hi PJ, I am confused. You wrote that you have not sent the file to VSL. Ihhope this is a typo and you did actually send it.

Sorry this is indeed a typo. I have sent them the crash report, and Zip so I hope they have a look into it and come back with something positive.

Where you able to deduct anything about what particularly was causing the crash with the VSL Player?

here are the Expression Maps I use. As you’re not using VEPro, it’s easiest just to use these maps in your own setup as I don’t know anything about how you like to configure things.
Cinematic (17.1 KB)

I’ll send shortly by PM a few brief thoughts on getting started on them.

Hi PJ, I have no idea, because the crash is within Synchron Player itself and of course I don’t have their debug symbols, respectively the source code. That’s why only VSL can tell.