Dorico 3.5 project crashing upon repeat popover/menu use

Hi everyone,

(I have already sent this information by email [along with the project attachment and a Dorico diagnostic .zip) to Mr. Spreadbury, but am posting it here as well in case somebody encounters a similar crash issue and we find a fix. It seems based on a search that there are a more than a few crashes related to repeats…)

THE CRASH: I have a project in Dorico (3.5 Pro if that matters) which crashes upon any Shift+R popover entry for D.S./D.C. al fine (etc.), or any mouse selection from the repeat menu. Sometimes after the crash, I can restart Dorico, but sometimes it hangs on the loading screen and says “Audio engine error” or some such message. When it does load again, there is no playback sound, and another attempt at adding the repeat results in a crash.

I tested out starting a brand new project file from the orchestra template and added a
‘D.C. a fine’ via the popover – it works just fine. So somehow my project file got corrupted. There is one or two other repeated bars in the flow in question (a simple barline repeat) - I wonder if somehow there’s a hidden state making things hang?

Actually, the frustrating thing is I don’t even need the repeat; however, I found that many people are using altered repeat text to handle “attacca” indications between flows.

Thanks and kind wishes.

This poster also sent me the project by email, and I was able to take a look at it earlier on today. This is what I wrote back:

I can reproduce the problem myself. The good news (for some value of “good”) is that we know the cause of this problem and it will be fixed in the next major version of Dorico when it is released later in the year. I’m sorry for the inconvenience in the meantime.

I think your best bet for the time being is to use system-attached text rather than a repeat marker. Unfortunately it’s not quite as good because it won’t right-align exactly with the barline at the end of the flow, but if you create it with the final 16th note of the flow selected, and then set the text to be right-aligned in the text editor itself, it’s pretty close, and since you don’t have too many instruments (at least at the moment) hopefully it’s not too onerous to go through the part layouts and make any necessary adjustments to the alignment of the text one by one in the meantime.