Dorico 3.5 Refuses to open/launch

I will click on the dorico icon in my toolbar, and then I will get the spinning blue bar for about .5 seconds; that’s it.

It doesnt matter if I open a dorico file or just attempt to open it from the toolbar. It wont launch.

This used to only happen every so often but now its a couple of times a day, The only thing that seems to resolve it is restarting my PC.

Has anyone had this issue as well?

Thanks so much!

Hi @vunlo , sorry to hear that - one thing that can prevent Dorico starting is if the audio engine is running already. Next time it happens, open your activity monitor and check whether the VST audio engine is running. If it is, close it before starting Dorico.

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You can open the Task Manager and end the Dorico process from there to avoid restarting your computer.

This is a known problem. IIRC the Team hopes that it will be moot when Dorico moves to the new licensing arrangement.


That works only sometimes, in my experience, once Dorico refuses to start (often), a new start is the only real option.
Which is annoying, I usually have several virtual desktops opened,( I work from home). There are apps. running all over the place. A restart means to restart the whole set-up of my working day.

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Hmh, I have the same experience as Derrek. If I open the Tast Manager and close the Dorico process, I can always run Dorico after that without having to restart the computer. Using the shortcut (Ctrl + Alt + Entf (Del ?) on a German keayboard) makes it it very quick to get back to work.

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There are just two processes to check for :

  1. Dorico
  2. VSTAudioEngine

Delete both and relaunch Dorico. This works reliably and does not require a system restart.


Ok, I will try it out, thanks a lot.

Perhaps the reason you have so much trouble with the eLicenser is due to the number of virtual desktops you maintain. That is something that makes your setup more complex than what most of us who do not have eLicenser problems use.

Really Derrek? Blame it on the desktops?
How far do you want to go to defend something which is proven to be a hassle for so many users. Have you seen youtube videos on the subject?
Imagine a car manufacturer that makes its cars, so hacker-proof, that locks the owner out…over and over again…and to add misery to its customers, it makes it overcomplicated to unlock.
Ever heard of common sense?

It was something for you to consider, nothing more.