Dorico 3.5 review

As usual, Philip Rothman’s Scoring Notes has the first review:

As we’ve grown accustomed to expecting in a Dorico upgrade, there’s lots here. The pitch-before-duration method of note input, often referred to as “Speedy Entry” thanks to its use in Finale, comes to Dorico. Proper figured bass is a new Dorico exclusive. Another exclusive — condensing of instrumental parts — is now possible for section players and divisi.

There’s lots new in the guts of VST expression maps, making it easier to set up Dorico to work with your favorite sound library or combinations of several at once. Guitar notation and playback, new to Dorico in 3.0 and updated further in 3.1, sees even more updates. Common engraving staples such as the appearance of slurs and beams, which Dorico already handled with great facility, are refined even more.

The user interface gets more functional and more appealing, with filter, search, page colors and background colors enlivening the drudgery. And there is so much more, besides.

Thanks, as always, to the Dorico development team, who seem to have continued to work tirelessly even in these somewhat unusual circumstances. Thanks, too, to Philip and the team - I’ve already learned a lot from you all!

Thanks, Leo, to you, Andrew Noah Cap, Douglas Gibson, Dan Kreider, Florian Kretlow, and Claude Lapalme, for the incredible work getting into every last nook and cranny of this release and bringing the info to our readers!