Dorico 3.5. SE Free and licence

I installed the free Dorico SE 3.5 to start learning the program and music notation. I had assumed that I would be prompted for licence location as I wanted to use a soft licence fixed to the specific machine. However the licence was placed on my hardware dongle without a prompt / choice.

I presume that given the way the licence system works that I can’t transfer a licence from the hardware dongle back to the computer for any Steinberg product.

So is possible to delete the licence off the dongle and get a new licence for Dorico 3.5 SE Free to add as a sel licence? ie delete all and start again or does Steinberg only allow me one download per my Steinberg account.


I’ll send you another Dorico SE activation code via private message so you can add one to your Soft-eLicenser.

Hi Daniel, can you please send me another Dorico SE licence? You sent me a second one already a few months back, but now when I try to use it I get a message that it’s been registered by another user.