Dorico 3.5 - Sounds Installer Question

I have Dorico 3.0 now: should I install the 3.5.10, “Sounds Installer”? (I did install from a previous version)

Thank you.

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Unless you upgrade to Dorico 3.5 (which is a paid upgrade from 3.0) you probably don’t have a licence to run the new sounds in 3.5.

I apologize for my very poorly worded question.

I just purchased the update from Dorico 3.0 to Dorico 3.5. So, yes…I already own Dorico 3.0

Would I still need to to update the, “Sounds Installer” along with my 3.5 installer?

There are some new samples for Indian drums (tabla, etc) in 3.5, but according to this thread they are included in the Dorico update itself.

So I guess the answer is that you don’t need to install the full 10Gb sounds installer again.

If you do install it, the software is smart enough to only keep one copy of the samples, so you won’t be “wasting” 10Gb of disk space on a duplicate copy.

I thank you so much for answering my question and for the link, Rob.

I’ll go with the Sounds Installer, especially since they won’t be installed twice.