Dorico 3.5 startet nicht

Hello Ulf,
Here is the requested dump-file. Hope it will help.
Best Regards! (445.8 KB)

Thanks Ralf, looks like Dorico is hanging while initializing the eLicenser code. Can you have a look, when Dorico hangs, is in the process list an item called SYNSOPOS? That is the counterpart that Dorico needs to talk to in order to get the license information.

Hello Ulf,
I gave it a try but failed.
I got an error message while creating a bump file: “file not found”
The safed bump file is 0 kb in size…
The same goes with “create full dump”
Best Regards!

Do I get you right? The Synsopos is in the process list when Dorico hangs, is that correct?
And you tried to create a dump file of the Synsopos but failed?

Hello Ulf,
Jep - the Synsopos process is there, but when I try to create a dump file and the saving dialog appeas, an error message appears as well and the dump file is empty.
Error message is attached.
Best regards!

Okay, thanks for reconfirmation. That leas to the next question: Your USB-eLicenser, is it the older type with 3cm long plastic body or the shorter one with only 1cm? Thanks

Hello Ulf,
3cm long, so a bit older. Not “too” old though…

Then we should try out the newer type. I’ll send you a PM, please check you inbox.

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