Dorico 3.5 translated manuals published

Afternoon everyone,

Yesterday I published the translated manuals for Dorico 3.5: available in English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, and 日本語 (Japanese).

Although we’re still further behind releases than we want to be (with both the completed English manuals plus the additional time required for translation), when I went back to check the dates, the 3.1 translations were published “only” 5 months ago (to the day - 26th Nov) which in the context of Dorico’s documentation history suggests a promising trend! The work we’ve done to catch up behind the scenes is clearly paying off, and thanks has to go out to my colleagues in the manuals team who work so hard co-ordinating with our translators and maintaining complete accuracy despite the Dorico manual’s significant size now.

Finally, another fantastic improvement thanks to the manuals team: you can stay up-to-date on significant documentation updates and releases via our news items! The most recent items are displayed in the bottom-right corner of the landing page, with a full* news item archive available here.

(* this is a fairly recent addition so the entries don’t go back all that far yet!)


Thank you Lillie! I got it yesterday afternoon with the date 23.04.2021, 1585pp.

That’s great - but please do not continue to share posts with dates and page counts. As we’ve said before, the page count is fluid in that based on added/removed related links/images, or moved topics in the structure, it can change between updates without any of the actual content changing.

Thank youuuuuu!!!

Hi @Lillie_Harris ! Let me know if you guys can use a native Portuguese speaker for said translation. Happy to help however I can. Cheers!