Dorico 3.5 Upgrade to 4 - BAD BAD TIME


I don’t think any of us at Steinberg is under any illusion that Steinberg Download Assistant is a perfect application, but it does fulfill a necessary purpose. Many customers cannot download tens of gigabytes of content in a single installer file that could fail at any point due to any number of issues at any point between the content delivery network and the user’s compouter. So we need a way of getting large amounts of data reliably to hundreds of thousands of users’ computers, and for better or worse SDA is the software we use to do this at the moment.

The company has been very focused for a while now on the Steinberg Licensing piece of the puzzle, and while there is still plenty more to be done in that area, we know that activating the software is only one ingredient in the “out of the box” experience, and that Steinberg Download Assistant is the other big one.

We are committed to improving this overall experience, and we don’t take it for granted that it will work flawlessly for every user. We are here to provide support when it doesn’t, and I’m glad Richard was able to help you get up and running.


Thanks for your reply Daniel, much appreciated and yes Daniel was a rockstar this morning!!

Need a tester in the future, I can break any tech. :grinning:



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Are you serious? Stop that… This is a user forum…

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I have the same problem with the Steinberg Download Assistant. Where do I have to put the properties file “” to? In the application install directory? This is in my case “C:\Program Files (x86)\Steinberg\Download Assistant”. Or is it the $(LOCALAPPDATA) directory? “C:\Users<myusername>\AppData\Local\Steinberg Download Assistant”?
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You need to create a directory called steinberg-download-assistant within %appdata%, and put it in there. So it will typically be something like C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\steinberg-download-assistant\

Thanks! This has fixed my issue.

+1 for the direct links option