Dorico 3.512 problems, won't start

My Dorico 3.5.12 won’t start anymore. “Audio engine process died” see pic. How do I solve this?

Screen shot

On a PC? Open Task Manager (Ctrl-Alt-Esc). End any Dorico Process AND any VSTAudioEngine process.

Restart Dorico.

Sorry. Mac with OS X High Sierra

Sorry. Can’t help (The PC solution is well-known… perhaps a similar one works on Mac?)

What if you reboot your machine, still same problem?

If so, please do the following:
Go to /Users/[yourname]/Library/Preferences and zip up the folder Dorico 3.5 VSTAudioEngine and attach to a reply here.
Also, go to /Users/[yourname]/Library/Logs/DiagnosticReports and see if you can find anything VSTAudioEngine related in there. Also zip up those items and also post here, please.

Hi Ulf!

I’ve included the files you asked for. Also, I’ve tried to reboot several times without success.
Best wishes,
/P (376 Bytes) (19.9 KB)

Thanks for the data, @Olfdan .

Have you tried to install and run Dorico 4 and found out that it does not work because your OS is too old?

Because from the crash file I can see that you have HSSE 3.5 which is a new version for Dorico 4. But HSSE 3.5 also at least requires OSX 10.14.

What you need to do is uninstall HSSE 3.5 and get the older 3.4 version.
The 3.5 uninstaller can be found here .
And the 3.4 installer here. Just grab the installer from there and ignore all the rest that is written on that page.

Hi Ulf!

Thanks, I’ll try to uninstall the HSSE3.4. Is it the HSSE3.4 only that requires OS X 10.14?
I’ve got two computers and this one is an older one. I can’t update to a newer OS X on that one. If I skip the HSSE3.4 can I install dorico 4? I only use noteperformer.


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Hi Peter,
unfortunately not, Dorico 4 also has a minimum spec of OSX 10.14.