Dorico 3.5SE Windows 10 Multiple Profiles on Same PC


I have two profiles set up on the same physical pc and use different logon ids for each. Dorico is one of the few apps I access from both profiles. It launches fine from the first profile but wont launch from the second (when I click it I get a spinning circle for a few seconds and then nothing) elicencser is on both profiles and I’ve run maintenenace on both. I’ve also tried to run Dorico as adminstrator on the second profile but that make no difference.

Is there a way to get Dorico working from both profiles?

Welcome to the forum, iain57. Can you please zip up the contents of the ‘Dorico 3.5’ folder inside the non-working user account’s application data folder and attach it here? Hopefully it will give us some kind of a clue as to where it’s getting hung up.

Thanks it helped me too, i had same probleme
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