Dorico 3 — A Couple of Questions

Do you really expect us to waste our time searching the web to find out about some piece of software where the one-man-band developing it can’t be bothered to update the documentation properly?

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No, Rob, I just expect others to not try to frame themselves as knowledgeable when they’re not and argue charitably when in doubt, that’s all. You just kept on digging yourselves into my last screenshot… That’s the crux of it.

Please just stop, @inthefold. This just makes you look bad and doesn’t make people want to support your requests.

Derrek, I’m sure it is clear to anyone reading the full exchange that I just responded to the mistakes and faux-pas of others in their misrepresentation of the matters at hand. And throughout, every single time I presented my point with due decorum, as I’m doing now with you. Anyway, you’re writing this well after the rain fell and stopped, to no point.

Ooh, shock horror, I’m going to run away to mummy screaming about some nasty person insulting me on the internet!!!

Rob, you came back… And you’re still framing it wrong and you’re still missing the second part of that sentence (the one you left out of the quote) in your exchanges with me: “argue charitably when in doubt.” No one has insulted you, you’re the one that kept and keeps on digging himself into it. The most appropriate thing is for you to quit again and permanently this thread, given the undue hostility and unwarranted framing of your return to this thread.

“Undue hostility” sounds more like what you’ve got a case of, judging from this thread.

For what it’s worth, I’m not a fan of the new color scheme either and I hope there will be more customizability on that front in the future, but going about insulting people’s intelligence who are trying to explain their point of view to you, especially the people directly involved with Dorico, is the “bad move.”

Asavage643, you clearly didn’t read the thread. The Color Scheme isn’t even the issue that was being discussed… Anyway, I don’t understand why anyone would dig or keep digging into this, it’s pointless.

I read the thread. It was one of your two points and discussed earlier up in the thread.

You should know that your point is void of substance, then. I didn’t insult anyone’s intelligence nor did I insult anyone in any way, All I did is respond to the points in their replies and at the end mocked their repeated misrepresentation, when to end the discussion I shared a screenshot that showed that they were misrepresenting the matters at hand, and that they were clearly not competent on the issue even though they kept putting me into question and pretending to correct me everytime I said something factual. And that’s all there is to it, anyone can read the thread and see that’s how it went.
Again, I don’t understand why anyone would dig or keep digging into this, it’s pointless.

I’m going to lock this thread now, so we can all move on.