Dorico 3 always crash while printing this project (also, lyric spill out of music frame)

I don’t know when it starts happening, but it seems to only affect this specific project (that I attached), and the crash happens 100% of the time as soon as I enter the Print mode, and the VST plugin doesn’t seem to crash along with Dorico. I’ve updated to 3.0.10 and the issue still exists. Not sure if it helps but the project has Chinese characters in both the lyric and the project info, and I’m running the English version of Dorico on Simplified Chinese version of Windows 10 1905.

On a side note, also as shown in the project I attached, excessive lyrics (2 regular verses with translation line for each verse, that is 4 lines in total per system) seem to spill out of the music frame (as if it takes no height when considering vertical spacing) which I don’t think is normal behavior.
light (694 KB)

Welcome to the forum, FlameRat. Could you please make sure you’ve followed the steps under ‘Dorico is crashing. What do I do?’ in the FAQ thread, so that we can be sure Windows will create a minidump file when Dorico crashes, then reproduce the crash once more, and finally restart Dorico, choose Help > Create Diagnostic Report, and then attach and upload the zip file saved to your desktop here. If it’s too big to attach, please email it to d dot spreadbury at steinberg dot de.

I’ve just sent the file through email.