Dorico 3 and EW Play 6

Cannot load my EWQLSO template in Dorico 3, works fine in Dorico 2…
D3 does not find Play 6, anyone else experience this?

I forgot the white/blacklist hack, not sure it will solve it?

There’s nothing you can do about it at this point.

Actually if this is a MAC you can - ask Ulf, there is a work around that they are careful giving out because its a slight risk. Essentially you have to turn some security off briefly to get Dorico to recognize it, then turn it back on.

Yes, it’s a MAC. Thanks for your input


A Dorico 3 update will be available very soon that allows EW Play to run again: I would not recommend disabling system integrity protection just to get this plug-in running. (The problem, by the way, is with the way PACE Anti-Piracy technology interferes with the code signature of the plug-in, and we have to weaken the security of our audio engine to work around the problem until PACE are able to solve this problem properly.)

Great Daniel!
I will wait for the update :slight_smile:


The Dorico 3.0.10 update is now available, which provides a fix for this problem.

Hi Daniel,
i have updated to 3.0.10 but I still have no UVI Workstation available. Is there a blacklist I have to edit?
Thx in advance,

Try deleting the VSTAudioEngine 3 folder in /Users/your-username/Library/Preferences, then restart Dorico.

Thank You. Works :slight_smile:

Thank you Dorico team! - MUCH better after the patch. I can see where I’ve hit several bugs in the version notes, but didn’t realize what the actual triggering behavior was. Get some sleep…