Dorico 3 and Note Performer

FWIW, I followed thoroughly Paul’s instructions and it works flawlessly on my mac…

Can’t get it to work with the mentioned fix on Windows 10.

I think that’s not quite right on Windows. If you copy the zip file into %PROGRAMDATA%\Steinberg, it will create the Dorico 3 folder if it doesn’t exist, and unzip the contents into it.

If you follow Paul’s instructions “exactly” using the built-in Windows zip file extractor, you get a Dorico 3 folder containing another Dorico 3 folder, which contains the two folders with the data, i.e. PlaybackTemplateGenerators and PLuginPresetLibraries.

You want to end up with
%PROGRAMDATA%\Steinberg\Dorico 3\PlaybackTemplateGenerators
%PROGRAMDATA%\Steinberg\Dorico 3\PluginPresetLibraries.
%PROGRAMDATA%\Steinberg\Dorico 3\Dorico 3\PlaybackTemplateGenerators
%PROGRAMDATA%\Steinberg\Dorico 3\Dorico 3\PluginPresetLibraries.

When I unzipped the folder, I moved the PlaybackTemplateGenerators and PluginPresetLibraries folders back up to the initial Dorico 3 folder, so ending with the same result you are suggesting, Rob. Did not fix the problem in my case.

Does this happen for any project or just one? Can you run Help > Create Diagnostic Report and attach the file?

Got it to work! Thanks Paul!

Thanks for your help! Diagnostics attached
Dorico (1.86 MB)

Re. your question, Dorico is crashing in multiple files. Just uninstalled and reinstalled Dorico, but no changes seen

NotePerformer is working fine now here with Win10 after I fiddled around with the device setup. It looks like my bluetooth earphones were not recognised. Day 1 with Dorico 3 - and all is set :slight_smile:

When I hear “we’re awaiting an update from Arne”, that tells me Dorico 3 was released before it was ready and that I should wait for the next 3.1 patch update. Given that NP is likely the best and most widely used option for intelligent playback, why wasn’t NP functionality tested before release?

Noteperformer does work in Dorico 3. And I imagine it was tested as well. It’s not an update to Dorico 2, it’s an entirely new program, so it’s normal that Noteperformer would need to be reinstalled or reassociated with the program because it never was to begin with.

For those of you still having issues with no sound after the error message disappears (after following Paul’s instructions), try resetting your playback template to Silence and then back to Noteperformer. That did it for me.

It was tested. The expression maps etc from Paul Walmsley didn’t just appear by magic.

I think the only person who can answer to why there isn’t an “official” NP update procedure yet is Arne.

I remember back in the late spring or early summer in the Facebook group Arne mentioned he was working on an update (the defeaning noise error was the context for that conversation), so perhaps that is coming soon as well? (That would be some great timing too!)

I managed to get playback working with the provided patch on Windows 10, however it seems one of the first NotePerformer instances is stuck with the intro view (pointing the user to the Getting Started docs) and no playback is possible.
I don’t know if I messed up some step or if there is an actual problem.

A quick workaround I found: Unassign all instruments that fail and then Play -> Load Sounds for Unassigned Instruments

This doesn’t appear to be related to NotePerformer. It may be easier if we take the conversation off the list. I’ll send you a private message

I just installed Dorico 3. Rebooted (Windows), opened it up, and opened an old file from Dorico 2.1. It said it would convert, ok, it said there was no noteperformer template, I hit OK.

Then I hit play. Dorico hung. Had to force quit it.

Downloaded templates from zip file above, restart Dorico, re-open the same project. This time no nag about missing noteperformer template. All good. Hit play. Dorico hung again.

Could you run Help > Create Diagnostic Report and attach the file from the desktop?

I did not hear audio after installing Dorico 3 and reinstalling Note Performer. In the Edit menu the last item is Device Setup. When I installed Dorico 3, by default this was not assigned to the correctio ASIO driver or to my UR44 sound device. After I set these up properly, I heard sound. Please try that and let me know if it works.