Dorico 3 - any steps towards Cubase integration?

One of the things that many musicians/composers have long asked about (perhaps ad nauseum hehe) is the possibility of Cubase integration, since having Cubase is undeniably one of the biggest market advantages Steinberg has over its notation software competitors. Of course, if Dorico is primarily marketed to engravers, then this may not be a big priority.

Is there anything in Dorico 3 that shows any first steps on a roadmap towards Cubase integration?

Dorico 3 does not introduce any new functionality in this area, but of course as discussed here many times in the past it is something we are working towards. Integration with Cubase is a two-way street and requires aligning the roadmaps, product plans and development and testing teams of both products. This is something we are actively discussing at the moment and certainly there will be steps in this direction in future.

It seems to me that rather than integrating with Cubase, Dorico in some ways is converging towards it. Having spent some time in Cubase recently, and just updated to Dorico 3, I find myself wondering how much I even need to use Cubase now, since I can load all my VSTs, automate CCs, edit velocities etc etc all in Dorico now.

Thanks for the info. Looking forward to what the future holds in this area. Am a bit puzzled though - most software companies develop new features that the largest number of users want. Considering the many Sib/Fin users who may be frustrated by the lack of DAW integration, not to mention the multitudes of professional and amateur musicians who use Cubase (who could be marketed to), I’m a bit surprised this has taken a back seat to some of the main features you’re promoting in Dorico 3. I mean, Conductors scores may be nice for a small niche group (conductors!) but is a tiny fraction of the number of potential Dorico users you could reach through Cubase.

Err, condensed scores are relevant for nearly every orchestra project. This is a massive innovation with huge implications.

That’s not to disagree that Cubase integration is important.

Dorico in a notation program. Cubase is a DAW.

Sure there is a lot of common functionality, but until Steinberg releases Doribase or Cubico, they are (or should be IMO) aimed at different target customers.

Condensed scores are “more than nice” for anybody who works with notation - and I mean notation as in physical sheet music, not as in a neat way to work with computer generated audio from a sample library.

If Dorico is meant to be a DAW, all the effort that has gone into developing Engrave mode was a waste of time - something cheap and cheerful like the Cubase score editor would do the job just as well!

Condensed scores and guitar tablatures are huge improvements. I think this kind of thing is more important than Cubase integration.

yes, what Dan said.

And they ARE making strides with playback and sequencer-like functionality as well, as evidenced by their Piano Roll editor, their newly-introduced individual note velocity editor, and the ability to edit MIDI continuous controller data (though I also look forward to more work in these areas - I’d love to be able to increasingly ditch Logic Pro for more of my client mockups and do everything in Dorico). Very excited about what the future will bring.

I too was expecting some steps in the direction of some form of integration with Cubase. The score-editor in Cubase has not been updated for a while now and that is where Dorico could step in with either the integration of Dorico elements as many here have suggested earlier or a any other clever form of integration. However I will go for Dorico 3 Pro as I enjoy working with the software more than any other I have worked with (Finale/Sibelius).
Hopefully the integration with Cubase will see the light in version 4.

Integration at different levels would be genius. Cubase notation is pretty useless, but imagine you are a Cubase user and switch to the notation side and find Dorico.
I´m a Dorico user but open some Dorico midi files on Cubase, to practice, using it´s more advanced loop functions …etc…Also incredible to play duos, have Cubase play on Guitar, I do the other one, then switch.
Not to mention recording, combining all the features of both programs.
Like I mentioned a while back: if Steinberg would offer integrated “suites”, for different levels, from students to hobby players, to pros… that would put them at the crown of music software planet, and production.
Just a question of putting the puzzle together, shouldn´t be such a massive endeavor, considering it´s all in the same house.
I have a feeling that´s what´s coming, can´t wait…FUN FUN.

Shouldn’t be a massive endeavour?
You’ve got two different programs developed in different countries by (mostly) different people, with different software architecture. As I’ve pointed out elsewhere, Cubase can’t support simultaneous time signatures, whereas Dorico can support a theoretically unlimited number of simultaneous time signatures. Not to mention the fact that the two programs have two different existing roadmaps, some of whose components would need to be put on hold until the two programs are integrated.
I’d be very surprised if integrating these two products wasn’t a massive endeavour.

I actually would be happy with ReWire integration, to use with any DAW, but I understand that it might or might not be wise from a corporate point of view. Anyway, I suppose that integration makes part of a long term strategy and that steps are being taken in that direction.
Look at Apple with macOS and iOS. There have been taken steps to make them closer as part of a long term strategy.

Yes, making both software and some lower-level functions of OS much worse!

Firstly, thank you very much for this excellent update! Pure joy!
And a little question touching the topic of this thread: would it be doable to add the possibility to sync to a good ole’ wav-file so to eliminate the utterly boring process of converting audio to video?

Is there no VST you can get that can connect to a rewire host to do this?

I agree. I wonder whether Dorico would be the better platform to move forward towards more DAW features (recording etc) rather than trying to make notation work better in Cubase. Cubase score editor is pretty much unusable.

I still didn’t check that out, but I doubt it works. Hope I’m wrong. Maybe there’s a MIDI based solution as well, but also I didn’t research it yet.

If I recall correctly, Brian Roland found a VST that allows you to do that, but it’s a clunky workaround and the request has been around since v1.

Since I often draft in Cubase and import into Dorico, what I would really like to be able to do is export a .dorico file from Cubase. In order to do this, the Dorico engine would probably need to be in there somehow. Perhaps a simple feature like DP’s QuickScribe which could use Dorico as a rendering engine to render the Cubase music and export a .dorico file to Dorico.