Dorico 3 - Chord Diagrams

Thank You for this wonderful new feature.

I did notice, unless there is a way, that when adding a new chord fingering by editing a stock/included voicing, it stays in the list/library of chords. If you edit it, or a stock/included voicing with another voicing, that new voicing is replaced with the added voicing (you only appear to get to add one voicing). The previously added modified voicing does stay on your score/flow (which is great), but it is gone from selecting when hitting Shift-Option-q.

It’s not a big deal, but if it would save all of them, I could add all of the R-3-5-7, R-5-7-3 and R-7-3-5 voicings (and their inversions) to a library to be used in all keys at any time. Note, one could also do this for the various chord qualities (maj 7, min 7, dom 7, min 7 b5, maj 7 #11 etc.) and have a very complete library.

Not a big deal, and I’m probably missing the overall approach/concept, as the current method is much better than anything else out there as most of Dorico’s features have proven.

Let me know if I should be thinking/approaching this in a different way. For example, when I entered a chord “Cmaj7/E” it did give me the correct R-5-7-3 inversion.

Wow, editing this, I just looked at the Shift-Opt-q for the Cmaj7/E and there are tons of extra voicings to select, most likely proving I need a paradigm shift in thinking here.

Keep up the good work!

Possibly you could join the discussion in this thread. Glad you like Dorico’s chord diagrams!

Will do thanks. Didn’t see it.