Dorico 3 Closing

Hello guys! Dorico closes every time I try to do that, It also closes when I use Condensing. Can someone help me?
Dorico (365 KB)

Every time you try to do what?

Yes, every time!

This is the Dorico file
Sebastiana e Canto da Ema - (1.03 MB)

What are you doing that causes Dorico to close?

I try to change the spce size and every time it closes

pianoleo you may want to check this facebook post in the Dorico discussion group before repeating your same question:

Fredson, I don’t know whether you and Luiz Pereira are the same person or not.
However, trying to provide as much issue-related intelligence together with your question can help official team troubleshoot your issue.
(Other non-official people may try helping you, or irritate you (maybe intended or not), or doing something else.)

Thanks Shiki.

Thanks, Shiki! My name is Fredson Luiz Pereira da Silva.

Everything was working normally, when I went to change the space size Dorico closed and every time I opened the file and tried to change the same thing happened, I opened the same file in Dorico 2 and it worked, when back to 3 it closes, I already uninstalled and installed and the problem continues. I created a new file, copied the score to the new file, initially it seemed to be fine, tested changing the space size and it worked, kept copying the score instrument by instrument, then decided to test Condensing, because Dorico had closed a few times too When I used this function, and the same problem happened, it closed.

Fredson, thanks for submitting your project. I can reproduce the crash. I believe you should find that if you switch condensing off before you try to change the staff size, then re-enable it once you have changed the staff size, you should be OK. We will make sure that this crash gets fixed in the next update. I’m sorry for the inconvenience.